It’s safe - every fire marshal in town and the gas company signed off on it - I’m perfectly legal and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

There’s no carbon buildup on the torch head with natural gas. I used to have to clean the hole continually with a little tool to get the carbon out, but I don’t have to do that anymore!

Marj Bates, Artist

Marj Bates Studio

Scituate, MA

Many lampworkers think that by having a check valve on their torches

they are protected from a torch flashback but this is not true.

Check valves are only designed to prevent high-pressure oxygen

from flowing into the natural gas pipe.

When a torch flashback happens there is a 5,000 degree flame inside

the hose and pipe and it will melt right through a check valve.

This allows the flame to reach all the way to the gas meter,

which explodes.

A flashback arrestor will extinguish this flame, as well as prevent

oxygen from getting into the gas pipe, and protect the gas meter.

G-TEC regulators fit on the front of your Torch Booster easily

If you are using natural gas right from the utility natural gas pipe your torch is not getting

all the gas pressure it needs for top performance.

Utility natural gas pressure is only ¼ psi in most places but your torch will work better

when you set gas pressure at 5 psi.

Think about it...when you work with propane you set your regulator at about 5 psi,

not ¼ psi! While your torch will light and work with standard city gas pressure you will

find that it is like the difference between cutting with a sharp knife compared to a dull knife.

One G-TEC user told us:

I had been on natural gas without a booster—pretty pitiful.

But now I really feel that I have all the flame I want!

Get the best performance your torch has to offer by using high-pressure natural gas!

High-pressure natural gas from my G-TEC system gives me more consistent pressure, a cleaner flame and is much more convenient than propane cylinders. Compared to propane natural gas has almost no carbon so there is no soot in the flame and no carbon buildup on my torches. I turn the  G-TEC system on in the morning and it supplies all the gas I need, all day.

- Doug Navalinsky, Owner

NavCour Glassware

Cleveland, OH

If you use propane....if you are connected to a standard utility natural gas pipeline,

you will be surprised by the superior performance of high-pressure natural gas!

For equal BTUs natural gas costs up to 75% less than propane!

But what most G-TEC owners like best is being connected right to the utility natural gas pipe because they never run out of fuel. No more quick trips to the gas supplier when you run out.

And, natural gas is much cleaner than propane - no carbon buildup on your torch tip as happens with propane. No flecks of carbon in the glass and you don’t have to spend time cleaning the torch.

Striking one litchen match equals 1 BTU

When you bring a cylinder of fuel gas into your studio you introduce a lot of stored energy that could be very dangerous. One BTU is the equivalent of lighting one wooden kitchen match so

if you use a 1-pound propane tank that would be like having a box with more than 21,500 matches. If you have a 20 lb BBQ propane tank it would be like having more than 431,000 matches in a pile in your studio.

Is keeping a tank of gas in your studio dangerous? Read what happened when a propane tank exploded in a jeweler’s shop in the Mallers Building in Chicago.

If your torch is connected to the utility natural gas pipe OSHA and local fire codes require you to use combination flashback arrestor check valves to protect the gas meter from a torch flashback.

The problem is that flashback arrestor check valves need at least 1 psi gas pressure to work properly, otherwise they block gas flow.

With high pressure natural gas from a G-TEC Torch Booster there is enough pressure to make the flashback arrestor check valve work properly, and still provide a robust flame on the torch.

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Reconditioned DM-200 at Marj Bates Studio Doug Navalinsky Candlestick April Larson Bo's Beads studio with G-TEC Torch Booster

I’m just tickled  with the performance of my Safe-T-Gas Torch Booster. Colors that were good with propane just pop with natural gas!

April Larson, Artist

Bo’s Beads

Lowell, IN

Marj Bates A natural gas torch stays clean with no soot buildup

April Larson’s G-TEC Torch Booster sits right next to her bench - it is quiet and convenient!

There’s no carbon  buildup on a natural gas torch

A combination flashback arrestor check valve fits right on your regulator and prevents a torch flashback from reaching your gas meter

Set natural gas pressure at 5 psi or higher - don't settle for 1/4 psi gas

Fruit beads courtesy

Elizabeth Johnson

Check valves alone do not meet the requirements of the new Fire Code Only combination flashback arrestor check valves meet the new Fire Code

Check valves only prevent

oxygen from flowing into the natural gas pipeline

Flashback arrestor check valves

extinguish the 5,000 degree

flame  from a flashback and

stop oxygen from flowing into the

natural gas pipe.

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Select the right

G-TEC Torch Booster

for your torch

Torch Boosters are


across the US and Canada


Contact G-TEC

with questions

G-TEC Torch Boosters are

Easy To Install

in your studio

Information about how to

Order A Torch Booster

from a Distributor or G-TEC

High Pressure Natural Gas Is The Best Fuel For Glass Lampworking

G-TEC Customers Love Their Torch Boosters

Your Torch Will Perform Better With High Pressure Natural Gas

Natural Gas Is Up To 75% Cheaper Than Propane, Cleaner And You Never Run Out

Be Safer By Getting Propane Cylinders Out Of Your Studio

Use Combination Flashback Arrestor Check Valves On Your Natural Gas Torches

See and hear what G-TEC users say about their Torch Boosters

Your torch will perform better with high-pressure natural gas

Natural gas is half the cost of propane, cleaner and you never run out

Work safer by getting fuel gas cylinders out of your studio

Use combination flashback arrestor check valves on your torch