For equal BTUs natural gas costs 50% less than propane and you’ll never run out of gas!

But what most G-TEC owners like best is being connected right to the utility natural gas pipe because they never run out of fuel. No more quick trips to the gas supplier when you run out.

And, natural gas is much cleaner than propane - no carbon buildup on your torch tip as happens with propane. No flecks of carbon in the glass and you don’t have to spend time cleaning the torch.

Be safer by getting fuel gas cylinders out of your studio

When you bring a cylinder of fuel gas into your studio you introduce a lot of stored energy that could be very dangerous. One BTU is the equivalent of lighting one wooden kitchen match so if you use a 1-pound propane tank that would be like having a box with more than 21,500 matches. If you have a 20 lb BBQ propane tank it would be like having more than 431,000 matches in a pile in your studio.

Hi-Pressure Natural Gas Is The Best Fuel For Glass Lampworking

Natural gas is cleaner, safer and half the price of propane for equal BTUs

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Your torch will perform better with high pressure natural gas.

If you are using natural gas right from the utility natural gas pipe your torch is not getting all the gas pressure it needs for top performance.

Utility natural gas pressure is only ¼ psi in most places but your torch will work better when you set gas pressure at 5 psi.

Think about it...when you work with propane you set your regulator at about 5 psi, not ¼ psi! While your torch will light and work with standard city gas pressure you will find that it is like the difference between cutting with a sharp knife compared to a dull knife. One G-TEC user told us:

I had been on natural gas without a booster — pretty pitiful. But now I really feel that I have all the flame I want!

Get the best performance your torch has to offer by using high-pressure natural gas!