How To Install A G-TEC Torch Booster

G-TEC Torch Boosters must be installed by a person who is authorized to work on natural gas pipes

TB-15 / 30/60 and 125 Torch Boosters connect to the building gas pipe with a G-TEC provided 5’ flexible hose and ball valve.

TB-15 and TB-30 require a minimum 1/2” diameter low pressure gas supply pipe. TB-60 requires a minimum 3/4” supply pipe and TB-125 needs a 1” diameter supply pipe.

TB-15/30 and 60 use 120V 15 amp power; TB-125 uses 120V 20 amp power.

TB-250 and TB-500 Torch Boosters are hard piped with a minimum 1 1/2” diameter pipe as close to the Booster as possible, then reducing to a 3/4” pipe that is as short as possible for final connection.

Both units can accept supply gas pressure between ¼ psi to 5 psi - higher pressure inlet is possible by special assembly.

Both Torch Boosters use 208V single phase 30 amp electrical power.

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