Educators at Rhode island School of Design, Fashion Institute of Technology, North Bennet Street School in Boston, Massachusetts College of Art, George Brown College in Toronto,  the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology,  and professionals at Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston, David Yurman, and Jared, The Galleria of Jewelry enjoy the benefits of high-pressure natural gas with G-TEC Torch Boosters!

Safer Classroom, Superior Performance With High Pressure Natural Gas

Why is high-pressure natural gas the right fuel for your classroom?

Natural gas is far safer than propane or acetylene because it is lighter than air so leaks rise and dissipate; propane is heavier than air so leaks sink to the lowest place in the building and collect there. Acetylene is unstable and leaks will combust in any mixture with air from 2% to 80% - any spark could cause a fire and explosion.

That is why many commercial buildings prohibit acetylene and propane cylinders but G-TEC gas booster systems are welcomed everywhere, even in buildings where propane and acetylene are not allowed.

Is your studio in a high school, college or community arts center?  A G-TEC system is the safest way to supply gas to your torches - one Fire Marshal in Colorado learned about our products and said, “This is a fireman’s dream!”

G-TEC systems do not need special site preparation such as outside ventilation, they are quiet and can be installed right in the studio work area.

You’ll never run out of natural gas because a G-TEC gas booster is connected directly to the utility natural gas pipe! Propane and acetylene cylinders seem to run out of gas right in the middle of a project. You have to remember to check and change cylinders so it takes longer for Instructors to get ready for class. With a G-TEC system you just turn on the gas booster and you are ready to begin soldering, casting, or whatever your project is.

There’s no carbon buildup on the tips of your torches because natural gas has very little carbon to begin with. You don’t have to clean carbon off the tips of the torches and there’s no carbon ash from lighting acetylene torches.

Natural gas is easier on the eyes because the flame is not as bright as an acetylene or propane flame so there’s less eyestrain and it is easier to see your work!

For equal heat, natural gas is half the cost of acetylene or propane! That’s right, you’ll cut your fuel gas bill in half when you switch from propane or acetylene to high-pressure natural gas.

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